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Why do small businesses need Customer Relationship Management?

Spreadsheets offer very basic capabilities to manage a sales pipeline and processes. People often turn to Microsoft Excel as the go-to solution to build out their first contact database for leads and clients.

But as you scale, things start to become more complicated. Several team members now get involved in managing a relationship at various stages of the sales funnel and all of them need to be on the same page to drive customer delight. You need a CRM to be effective.

Advantages of using a CRM system

Implementing a CRM system gives your deeper insights into your pipeline, and helps small businesses to focus on their customer relationship strategy. When set up properly a CRM can be a valuable tool that enables you to automate time-consuming tasks, develop new customer acquisition tactics and provide valuable intelligence on sales trends.

Some of the core advantages of a CRM are as follows:

  • Customer Focus: Get the complete picture of contacts in one platform with centralized information such as demographic details, purchase history, and preferences.
  • Workflow Automation: Reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks by automating work processes such as follow-ups, emails, and lead nurturing.
  • Real-time Reports: Make informed and smarter decisions with real-time analytics that reveal all performance indicators, forecasts, and future trends.

Vtiger CRM has everything you need to grow your business

Intuitive application interface

Navigating through Vtiger starts by accessing the main menu, which is split into sub-menus for sales, marketing, support, projects, and inventory.

Effortless lead management

Vtiger CRM gives your team the power of built-in webforms, social media & telephony integrations to capture leads from a variety of sources - website, social media, emails, and phone calls.

Understand what's working and what's not

Gain deeper insights into your marketing, sales, customer support activities with insight and reports.

Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty

Resolve customer issues instantly, improve support efficiency, and maximize customer satisfaction.


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