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Digital Product Design

We design digital experiences that accelerate business growth

Whether it’s a customer self-service solution or a dashboard to monitor the supply chain, the best digital products support growth and differentiation, increase competitiveness, and instill resilience. They are the embodiments of strategy and goals.

The key is to build the right things in the right ways. That means linking digital products with business value so that they deliver the experiences – and results – that matter most. It means grounding products in human-centered design so that they speak to users. And it means using an agile approach to accelerate delivery – and time to value.

Our design process

Great design is an iterative process of resolving problems and continual improvement to make your product the best it can be. Devices and technologies will change, and so will your customers, their needs, and their behavior. With the right tools and battle-tested methodologies, you can face any challenge, and never stop the process of enhancing your product.

1. Discovery

We start all projects with discussing the business objectives of our client. The discovery session saves significant amount of time in the long term, and quickly allows us to deep-dive into any challenge.

Use the results

  • to clarify business objectives
  • translate business objectives into project goals

You should provide

  • basic project details
  • your target audience and user information
  • your business model and revenue stream

2. Wireframing

Based on the results of the discovery phase, we refine the user journey and design the wireframes. By testing simplified mockups with actual users, we get useful insights on user attitudes that support further development.

Use the results

  • to validate the look-and-feel of your product
  • to present first wireframes to stakeholders

You should provide

  • input and feedback during design iterations

3. Visual design

In the final step, we are designing all the screens, assets and icons of your product. We will also prepare a specification file that includes color codes, font sizes and paddings, to make the work of your front-end developers a little bit easier.

Use the results

  • to assist your in-house developers by providing screen designs for mobile, tablet and desktop

You should provide

  • your budget constraints and technology preferences for the technical implementation

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