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Joswig Solutions Launches New Website

We are happy to announce that we just launched our new WordPress website! From a design point of view, it might not look very different. But behind the scenes, we made some major backend changes that will help us to improve our current marketing and sales systems.

Migration to WordPress 5.8

Since the founding of our company, it has been our “daily bread and butter” to sell WordPress to our clients. Then, how could it be that we never made the efforts to use a Content Management System (CMS) for our own website? It was probably a mix of both, procrastination and tight resources.

Challenges before migration

Here are a few challenges that we faced with our static Nuxt.js website:

  • All the components and design systems had to be built by ourselves (in Tailwind CSS).
  • Replacing copy, pictures and entire sections was time-consuming since it always required a new Netlify deployment process.
  • It was difficult to integrate a blog, newsletter or support forum. Even if we decided to use microservices, we wouldn’t have reached the same “WordPress content management experience”.
  • SEO was also hard because we had to implement a lot of best practice methods by ourselves instead of building upon an existing plugin like Yoast SEO.

Improvements after migration

And here are some of the solutions, we use on our new WordPress website:

  • Minimalist theme: I am a friend of web designs that utilize minimalism. The opposite of bloated, colorful and cramped e-commerce stores. After testing multiple themes, we finally found Botiga by aThemes that fits all the design principles we had in mind.
  • Page builder: A lot of seasoned developers criticize Elementor Page Builder, and yes, it’s not the perfect solution for complex, performance-driven websites. But for trivial content layouts with grids, carousels and CTAs, it’s super efficient.
  • E-commerce: With WooCommerce, a famous WordPress plugin, we now have another distribution channel to sell productized services (website audits, CMS trainings, …) and digital goods (e-books, plugin licenses, …).


In the upcoming months, we will continuously add more content to our website. If you have any feedback, we would appreciate to reach out to us via our contact form. Otherwise, simply leave us a comment below this post.

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